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My Empire
Imperial News


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My Empire's recent NEWS


My Army with the help of a rouge Imperial Warlord who just joined us have launched a major offencive on rebel controlled Coruscant ana have flattened thousands of Skyscrapers. First a Galaxy Gun missile was launched into the planet and then our second fleet (controlled by Warlord Dejana) launched bombers into the atmosphere while the ground was relentlessely pounded by heavy turbo-lasers. All of the planets defence platforms were destroyed by our fleet and a small rebel fleet came to launch a counter offensive but we made them retreat before jumping to lightspeed.

Other News

We have already destroyed 1/3 of the entire rebels supply bases in one month and recently we launched a major attack on the Hapan cluster, who are strong allies with the rebels. This attack was launched from the Cron Drift, an area of space near to the Hapan cluster. After an initial failure we severly damaged the Hapan fleet and a rebel war fleet which was present

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