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So what'd you think of Episode 1

Favorite Episode

My favourite episode is Episode VI Return of the Jedi. I like it because of the massive space battle at the end and the battle on Endors moon. I also think that the rebels could have only won in the movie because the Empire would crush them in a real life war!

Here I forget about my Army and think about what George Lucas created. Thank You George

Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
First Shown: 1980

The Imperials recover from the fluky defeat at Yavin 4 and search the Galaxy for the rebel base. They find and destroy it and chase Han and Leia into an asteroid field, while Luke escapes to Dagobah. The Falcon escapes to Bespin where Lando is forced to give his friends to the Empire. Han is frozen in Carbonite, and Luke loses a hand to Darth Vader in a lightsaber duel.

This is the second in the original trilogy and for many people is the best film. I enjoyed it because the Empire had a victory but it was not my favourite. The actors played good parts and forfilled their roles well. I thought the movie was great!

Grade (on a scale of 10):8