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On this page you will fine the A-Z of everything Imperial. Obviously not everthing will fit on this page (or it will be to long) so if you want info on the Star Destroyer click on the S link and find it their.



A-9 Vilgilance Interceptor
 One of the Newest Imperial Starfighters, the A-9 Vigilance Interceptor first saw action against the events that led to the return of the Emperor.
The A-9 Vigilance Interceptor is a short-range Imperial fighter introduced shortly after the defeat of Grand Admiral Thrawn, five years after the death of the Emperor at the Battle of Endor. Designed by Kuat Drive Yards, makers of the Infamous Star Destroyer, the A-9 Vigilance represented an attempt by Kuat to steal some of the lucrative starfighter contracts Sienar Fleet Systems had recieved for its TIE fighter series.
       While some Imperial factions purchased A-9's, the ship also fell into New Republic hands. Oppressed workers on a Kuat factory worldmanaged to depose their planatery governor and turn a few A-9 prototypes over to the New Republic's forces, just as the Empire's offensive against Mon Calamari was heating up (a year after Thrwan's death).
    The A-9 is typical of many Imperial fighters-it has no sheilds and no hyperdrive. Instead, it is compact, light,and fast thefore was perfect for shock attacks against reinforced New Republic bases or slower capital ships and fighters. It is faster than the TIE Interceptor and on a par with the New Republic's A-Wing fighter.
           The hull is a simple affair, with a central control cockpit pod that contains

the Carbanti sensor arrays, weapons, and all computer systems. Two wings connect to the powerful KDY A-9x thrust engines. The engines are as long as the starframe and have self-contained power generators. The laser cannons also have their own power generator , and the computer control system can reroute power from any of these generators to any other portion of the ship, allowing the pilot to cut power to the weapons and limp home even if the power generators even if the engine's power fails(provided the engines are still functional).

        The a-('s weapons consist of two forward-firing laser cannons which pack more punch than those on the T-65 X-Wing's lasers. While they are generally fire-linked for simultaneous fire, a modification kit allows the laser cannons to be individually targeted. The kit includes a servo driver system that can depress the gun's up to ninety degrees, making the  A-9 capable of performing strafing missions against ground targets.

           While KDY promised the Empire a superior fighter, combat results have been consistently dissappointing. While the ship is indeed faster than the TIE Interceptor, it has been shownto be no more maneuverable, and its hull is significantly weaker. The Empire purchased a fighter that is as limited in its utility as is the New Republic's A-Wing fighter. It is belived that KDY designers are developing an improved A-9, which should be far tougher. New Republic technicians have thouroughly examined the A-9, and while not amazed by what they see, they intend to use some of its designs elements in future New Republic fighters.